Effective April 2014

These terms and conditions relate to the use of the website, and the administration and operating procedures of Aussie Trax.

Upon collection of the vehicle, hirers will be required to sign ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’; and our ‘Survival Code’ which provides further explanation of the terms and conditions. Please refer to these documents individually for hirers understanding. Refusal to sign these documents will result in refusal of hire.

The purpose of this document is to support, though at no point supersede, the ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’.


The rental period is the number of calendar days that the car is with the hirer; regardless of pick up or drop off times. We do not hire for 24 hour periods. Extensions may be granted, at the hirer’s request; or through reimbursement of time due to mechanical faults. Changes to hire dates may be agreed upon, in person or over the phone. Hirers accept responsibility for the vehicle, under the ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’ from the time of possession of the keys, until the vehicle is released back to Aussie Trax; even if this exceeds the contracted dates of hire.

Early returns will not be refunded. Late returns will be charged for the number of days exceeding the contracted dates; at a per day rate for the vehicle. It is at the discretion of Aussie Trax staff if changes to hire dates on the initial day of hire would be considered. If Aussie Trax cannot accommodate changes made to the booking on the day of hire; the hirer will be expected to pay the full fee for the booking, regardless of if they choose to travel or not.

Aussie Trax maintains the right to report the car as stolen if it is not returned by the contracted dates; and Aussie Trax has not been notified of an extension of hire.

Cars must be returned to the depot that they were hired from, unless written permission has been granted to the hirer to return the car to a different Aussie Trax depot. Airport drop off of the vehicle will incur a charge of $80AUD, and written permission must be gained prior to the hire.


Customers accept that Aussie Trax staff will do their best to arrange barge crossings, requested by the hirer. Aussie Trax has no control over barge occupancy or transfer times. Customers release Aussie Trax of any responsibility for unforeseeable changes to their barge crossings that may impact upon their travel arrangements.


Upon booking, a deposit of $250AUD must be made to secure the booking. Once this deposit is received by Aussie Trax the booking is seen to be confirmed; regardless of if the customer has received a confirmation. Confirmation for hires can be granted verbally over the phone, or via email; at the customer’s request. All online bookings should receive a confirmation email. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact Aussie Trax if an online booking has been made and they haven’t received a confirmation email.

Due to staff constraints at times Aussie Trax’s emails and bookings will not be attended to over a weekend. In this instance customers are encouraged to call the office for assistance, if it is urgently required.

If customers are planning to travel with Aussie Trax within 5 days time, customers are responsible for contacting Aussie Trax directly; to check for availability before lodging a booking online. If customers fail to do this, and a hire is not available for the customers Aussie Trax will refund the deposit as soon as possible, less a $50AUD administration fee.

Please refer to cancellation policy page for full cancellation and refund details.


All prices quoted include 10% GST.


All bookings made online incur a fee of $7.50 to cover merchant and processing costs.


All transactions are conducted in Australian dollars. Aussie Trax bears no responsibility for fluctuations in exchange rates if refunds are supplied, or if payment for services are, for any reason, transacted at a later date.


Total charges as set out in your rental agreement are not final. The hirer will pay any shortfall in charges to Aussie Trax and the customer will receive a refund for any overcharges made by Aussie Trax. Wherever possible, any amendments to charges will be notified to the customer at the conclusion of the rental, and the customer agrees to payment of any additional charges at that time.


All hirers must be over 21 years of age and hold a current license (international licenses permitted). Adhering to law, learner licenses will not be accepted. Licenses must be presented for transfer of details onto the hire contract, on the day of hire.


While a vehicle is on hire Aussie Trax will maintain a signed manual imprint of a hirer’s credit card (this is referred to as a bond). The credit card used for this purpose must have the amount of the excess accessible on the card in event of damage to our vehicles. Damage may be detected on return of the vehicle or may be reported to us prior to completion of the hire, by relevant authorities on the island, or by the hirer. Failure to have the amount of the excess payable on the supplied credit card can result in legal action; and must be immediately remedied by the hirer on return, if the vehicle is damaged or has been in an accident.

Aussie Trax may hold the bond for up to 48 Hours after the hire, for any reason.


Cars must be returned with the fuel level equal to that of when the car was hired. This level would be full; unless agreed to be less by written statement on the contract of Aussie Trax staff.

If, for any reason, the hirer returns with a different Aussie Trax vehicle to what they departed in; it is still the responsibility of the hirer to return the car full of the correct fuel. No compensation will be given for fuel.

Aussie Trax will provide ample explanation of the type of the fuel required; both on the contract and through explanation.

The hirer accepts responsibility for the type of fuel put in the vehicle, while the car is on hire. Failure to fill the vehicle with the correct fuel is deemed to be wilful damage caused by the hirer. Hirers will be charged for any subsequent damage to the vehicle as a result of filling with the incorrect fuel.


Refer to the ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’ and the ‘Survival Code’.


Refer to the ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’ and the ‘Survival Code’.

Aussie Trax makes no guarantees for the length of time in which an insurance or damage dispute will be settled.


Aussie Trax will supply a vehicle that is deemed mechanically sound and clean. Hirers accept the responsibility to stay within the restricted travel area, unless prior written consent has been suppled by Aussie Trax. The hirer accepts the responsibility to respond to vehicle alarms or dash lights; indicating an error in the vehicle. If a hirer chooses to ignore these, or is negligent in reacting to them; resultant damages to the vehicle will be charged to the hirer, regardless of fault.

If the hirer releases air from the tyres, it is their responsibility to return air to the tyres. Any damage to the tyres from under inflation will be charged to the hirer.

Aussie trax accepts general wear and tear to the vehicle (singular damage smaller than a 50c piece). Dinted panel damage, bull bar damage, under body damage, loss of mirrors, dinted rims, unrepairable tyres, significantly cracked windscreens, loss of keys, loss of fuel cap, and mechanical damage which is resultant of poor or negligent driving, are not considered to be general wear and tear; and hirers will be charged for repairs as per the ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’. Hirer’s are also responsible for any damage to third party property, as a result of the vehicle.


Due to current legislation our vehicles are not able to carry more than 8 people, under any circumstances. It is however the responsibility of the driver to ensure that all passengers have a seat, and a seat belt securely fastened.


At no time may anything be carried on the roof of the vehicle for any reason; due to legislation.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure luggage is securely fastened and will not pose as a hazard in the event of an accident.


Aussie Trax maintains title of the vehicle and at no time is it to be sold, assigned, lent, pledged, mortgaged, or sublet.

Aussie Trax reserves the right to refuse hire on the basis of Aussie Trax’s terms or conditions, the relevant law or due to hire of another vehicle that resulted in any incident or accident.

Aussie Trax reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time, as per the terms and conditions of the ‘Rental Agreement’. In the event of a hire termination the hirer accepts that they have no right to a refund or return of their bond.

All care, but no responsibility is taken by Aussie Trax for storage of, or damage to any personal property left at any time, before, during or after the hire period.

The ‘Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions’ supersede the information supplied in this document; should information be contradictory.